John A. Page

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John A. Page

I am married to Stacey, and father to Kasana and Marissa.  That's what's most important because if I'm not a loving husband and father then I'm not really following Jesus am I?

I've worked nearly everything from blue collar to white collar to no collar (gravedigger, model, advertising copywriter, among other things) and have travelled the world, teaching in places as diverse as Cuba, United Kingdom, Australia, Tijuana Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica.


I've served 20+ years as a pastor.  I guess I could list all my degrees in an attempt to impress you, but what matters is that I want you to know that God not only loves you, He delights in you. The Creator of the universe likes you.  Really.


I believe the 80s were the best decade for pop music, I possess a Sahara-dry sense of humor and I'm a sucker for dark chocolate!